Lounging besides a tree on the late spring grass, he looked up at the gray clouds lazily making their way across the sky and sighed.

No sign of the sun at all. 
For the past few weeks it has been like this; rainy and muggy and gray, and just damn miserable. 
It was only mid-March, and he knew what to expect of the weather at this time.

But he had been inside all winter, and craved for the caress of the sun’s rays. 
Those rays which incited such fond memories of last fall, before the chill of the wind bit into your skin, on the cusp of winter, when he fell in love.
Always in front of his face, he never noticed the beauty that his love radiated until one morning. So glorious he was, always so cheerful and bright. Everyone and everything lit up in his presence, making everything around look amazing and wondrous. 
Though his affection was unrequited, he was filled with a sweet feeling of peace and pure joy whenever around his love.  
Unaware he had fell asleep within the haze of his memories, his eyes fluttered open at the warmth that gently touched his face. 
The bear rolled over, using his paw to shield his eyes. He watched his beloved sun chase away the gray clouds, bringing life to his surroundings. 
It was times like these, that the bear could feel himself falling deeper and deeper in love with the sun. It was silly, to give one’s heart away to something so far away. 
It was silly, but it was wonderful, and crazy, and amazing too.


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